warehouse temperature mapping validation services

Our Validation Services – Warehouse Temperature Mapping

Recently we undertook a body of work whereby we were tasked with performing a periodic re-qualification study (temperature mapping) of an ambient warehouse for a Dublin based client. Upon initial consultation with the client a project plan was generated outlining tasks, milestones and deadlines. This included training to client procedures, generation of documentation (protocol & report), execution of study, inclusive of arranging permits, as well as closing out client queries and questions. Upon initial review of existing temperature mapping practices, it was noted that there was scope to reduce the number of temperature monitoring locations. Thus, we facilitated a FMEA workshop to assess the risk associated with reducing the number of temperature dataloggers. We reduced the number of locations by 70% using the risk-based approach. In addition to this, the costs associated with datalogger hire were significantly reduced, with this saving practically paying for the study to be carried out.

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